Intelligence is the heart of wise action and successful execution for any initiative.  Having a clear understanding of the stakeholders, motivations, regulations, historical information, relationships, and structural considerations gives the advantage when considering multi-vector strategic opportunity.

As a Business Intelligence consulting leader, Certified Solutions continues to expand and combine innovative analytics with tools for building relationships around, and achieving valuable insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured input.  This provides both a human intelligence and data intelligence advantage when considering the landscape of any particular situational consideration.

Through the Certified Solutions consulting and development service, our consultants help you select, optimize and deploy an array of custom as well analytics and reporting resources to help you understand opponents, stakeholders, customers, brand, competitors, operations, strategy, and market opportunities.  During the implementation phase, Certified Solutions works to ensure the continuous optimization of benefit for the clients solution and desired outcome by working with the team through the change management process.

Continuous evaluation of inter-influential intelligence dynamics provides the ability to provide the optimum change management strategy to ensure the maximized goals of the operation are accomplished.

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