Certified Solutions delivers Information Technology Solutions to businesses looking to stay up to date with the market environment, ensure the growth of their business, improve security, improve mobility, attract new customers, improve security, and increase revenues.

Flexible and Affordable

By using the Certified Solutions, you receive access to flexible and cost effective solutions that meet the demands of your business. Our highly qualified and experienced technology professionals will deliver exceptional results, and ensure your satisfaction.

Outsource IT Advantage

By leveraging an outsourced IT firm, you access a wider and more experienced group of professionals and solutions than attempting to manage your IT needs in-house. Augment your existing team and fill-in gaps without the employment overhead.

Tailor-made Solutions

Certified Solutions approaches each business individually according to its needs. We provide solutions tailor-made for your business in:

  • Installation and repair of computers and systems
  • Solutions for network connectivity or speed problems
  • Setting up and managing secure wireless systems
  • Building and launching a new business software solution

Certified solutions will deliver IT services at your request, provide flexible payment terms, and support your business with the experience of talented technology professionals.

Contact Certified Solutions on our 24/7 toll-free line: