By working with Certified Solutions’ experienced and highly skilled technology professionals, you ensure your business development needs are handled. Our technology professionals specialize in eCommerce development, mobile solutions development, business solutions development, and professional project management.

Solutions Development

Our team is experienced in managing complex development projects that use Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans and other common Integrated Development Environments. We complete all the work in full transparency to the customer by using Source Control solutions, such as GIT, SVN, and others. This gives business owners the piece of mind, control, and understanding of what is going on with their project at all stages of development.

Professional Project Management

With years of Project and Product Management experience, Certified Solutions will ensure your project is professionally tracked and accounted for using the best project management solutions and methodologies. We leverage the best of breed Development Methodologies including Waterfall, Agile, and hybrid methods. We provide you with Development solutions tailored specifically to your business needs, while integrating cutting edge platforms such as Jira, Boot Camp and more.

Custom Code Done Right

Whether you run a small or medium sized retail, medical, or manufacturing business, we can help evaluate, manage, develop and integrate solutions that will help you grow your business, including:

    • eCommerce Development on Magento, OSCommerce, etc
    • Microsoft Office, Visual Basic functionality
    • Custom online web solutions development
    • Website feature updates
    • Mobile Application Development for Android & IOS
    • Point of Sale integration and solutions development

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