Certified Solutions provides networking solutions for businesses that can increase the productivity of your employees by allowing them to work both when they are in the office and on the road. The network solutions provided can help lower communication costs and improve customer service at your organization. Our team of certified technology professionals provides local area and wide area networking solutions for any business that cut costs and improve efficiency.

Local Area Networking (LAN) & in-office support

Certified solutions can assist you with your local office needs for everything network related. Our certified network engineers are experts and can assist in printer setup and repair, detecting and fixing network speed issues, securing private and guest WiFi, and identifying and resolving connectivity issues. Whatever your local office network need is, we have you covered.

Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions for branch office

Our certified network engineers can help you manage multiple offices, creating secure communication channels over Virtual Private Networks, setup thin client systems, and allow remote access for telecommuting. We take responsibility for the security management, and ensure that you have reliable, fast solutions in place for your multiple branch office needs.

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